Fort Hood Presentation

September 29th, 2010

Yesterday I conducted a seminar for 25 women at Fort Hood-Killeen, Texas who are transitioning from the military into a civilian career.  I talked about dos and don’ts of dressing for an interview and on the job wardrobe.  I also shared topics of dressing for different body types and enhancing assets and minimizing imperfections.  I presented current trends for 2010 such as fringe, metallic’s, leather, lace, ruffles, empire dresses, and camouflage.  Upon the mention of camouflage groans could be heard throughout the audience, quite understandably!  So much for trends pertaining to all!  We’re fortunate to have these intelligent, talented women entering the civilian work force as they bring a worldview team perspective.                                                    Nordstrom’s Camo Shoes


Curiosity is Huge

September 22nd, 2010

Yesterday, I participated in the WEC Talent Connect conference. Gary Hoover, an entrepreneur and author who founded, the world’s largest Internet-based provider of information for enterprises was the main speaker.  He noted one large part of his success as an entrepreneur was curiosity.  “Always have curiosity, ask those questions to grow and learn in order to make you and your business successful”.


The Piano Recital

September 15th, 2010

My children Kira and Eliot took piano lessons when younger.  Their teacher,  an older woman grew up in a musical family, conveying a particular sense of refinement.

After announcing their recital date she added “I want you to dress in your Sunday best”.  She explained, “How you dress is how you will perform”.


Resume Only Part of the Recipe

September 8th, 2010

Add all the Ingredients

Have you ever baked a cake using one ingredient?  Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a kitchen you know it wouldn’t be a cake.  People talk to my husband Ted about developing a strategic job search plan. They are so intent on having their resume look good some don’t realize other factors are also involved.  The resume gets you in the door of your hoped-for employer; however, it still doesn’t get you the job.  It’s only part of the recipe.  Your talents may be very unique, and like it or not, your appearance can make or break an interview.


My yoga revelation and my dad!

September 1st, 2010

Dad and me. He’s wearing one of his few long sleeve shirts from the early days.

Yesterday was yoga. channeling one’s energy into consciousness.  Seated position, eyes closed, inhale, and then exhale, repeating five times the mantra Ohm (Pronounced Ohmmm).  Everyone was in accord with their Ohm, well almost.  However, one Aum was noticeably distinct from the group…keeping my head straight as to pretend I was in the zone,  moving only my eyes to an older gentleman reciting the mantra.  Inner peace out the window and thoughts begin to go wild.  Flashback age 13, Sunday church service, Dad singing a step ahead and louder than everyone, singing…very well, according to his standards.  At the last Ohm I came to the revelation this is a rarity of my Dad.  Dad is unique and defines whom he is even introducing himself as  “Ol Bill, not Old Bill”.

While my career is individualizing a person, Dad would not be one to employ my services.  Put him in a casual, button down, front-pocketed, short sleeve, red, blue or Hawaiian shirt,  pants, shoes, belt, hanky and he’s out the door.  Simple.  No fuss no muss.  Not to forget the dab of Brylcreem to his hair.  Not to change the subject, but I loved putting rollers in his hair when we all watched television.  This was the time he would do his yoga.  You could count on Dad to wear a navy suit, white shirt, blue, or red tie combo (his favorite colors) to church and he looked sharp, still does!  When Christmas or birthdays rolled around my idea of a gift to introduce him to something exotic was a green half-button down shirt or yellow necktie, his response was more of a mumble.  Who can misconstrue a mumble?  I realized buying a box of chocolates as he eats them daily or a  restaurant gift certificate Dad’s more likely to have a BIG thank you with no prodding from Mom.  This man is one of the biggest reasons my goal is not to change anyone, rather bring out who they are.  That’s my 77-year young Dad and I’ve learned he owns his style and is an original and he’s defined himself like no other.  I’m cool with that!



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