The Brooch Has Arrived!

August 29th, 2010

Think, think, think, peruse the jewelry department, onto another store, return to 1st store.  Buy it, bring it home, pin on collar….this is IT!  


The Tangerine Dress

August 25th, 2010

Brooch to come!

Finding your style is not always easy…(that’s why I’m here for you).

The minute I came face to face with this 1960’s dress it screamed “buy me”. I especially LOVE the cowl collar!  Definitely a Jackie Kennedy style.  To this day I’ve always admired her sense of style.  I wanted the collar to be the focal point, so I ended up returning the belt. Maybe add some retro earrings.  I think a brooch will complete the look.


Hair’s the deal…

August 18th, 2010
Hair rollers or curlers

One Style Is Not Meant For Everyone

Hair stylists always tell you to bring a picture of the cut you’d like to have.  I came upon Heidi Klum’s haircut for the season fun.  As usual, my fine textured straight hair never seems to fit the style I find in the magazines.  I went with something partially the same since I’m growing it out.  I like to change my hairstyle and color so I stay out of a rut. Why not?  I can always revert back.  I admit I’ve seriously gone to extremes, blonde to black and later return to a colorist to strip the color and start over.  Not to mention the cost hurts!   Here are some pointers I found if you’re considering a change.

Guidelines for Cuts and Face Shape

Round Face: Longer hair is best. The panels in the front can cover up to a quarter of the face, which will make it appear longer.

Oval/Narrow Face: Avoid center parts. Layers around the face and side parts will create the illusion of a rounder face.

Square Face: Avoid geometric haircuts with strong lines. Angular cuts are awful with square faces because it makes your shape look harsher. Think wispy and softer.

Heart-shaped Face: Bangs are great for the heart-shaped face because they will create balance and soften the angular chin.



August 11th, 2010

The Dreaded Casual Look

Flip-flops? Tennis shoes? T-shirt? Halter dress? If you wear it to the beach it’s too casual for the office.  However hot you think you look, IT’S NOT COOL! You represent your company’s image and a client responds to professionalism. Studies have shown people treat you differently with how you dress. Think “tasteful”not “grunge.”

(Unless your company has a dress code) Here are some ideas
Guys can do
Dark jeans or chinos
Long or short-sleeve slim fitting cotton or knit shirt (make sure you iron)
Boat type leather or canvass shoes
Guys don’t even try
Logo t-shirts
Athletic shoes
Cargo pants
Pants with frayed edges rips and tears, extreme sandblasting or anything too tight or too baggy and not falling off your bottom
Ladies it’s OK to be trendy
Skinny jeans and a top layered with a jacket or sweater.
Dress with short sleeves (not a mini)
Dark jeans
Ladies not good
Jeans with a lot of embellishment, frayed edges, extreme sandblasting or too baggy
Low-cut or halter-type tops
Logo t-shirts
Stilettos or strappy sandals
Mini skirts or beach dresses

What a Sport He Was!

August 4th, 2010

Recently, I had a terrific afternoon with a client who wanted an updated look for a career move.  First order of business, we discussed clothes he needed for his update; colors he liked etc.  He gave me his budget and I gave him some shops to find his clothing. He’s without a doubt a “guy’s kind of guy”. He said he wasn’t sure what he preferred getting a root canal or shopping.  He was a true sport, trying on the clothes I put in front of him. He really wanted to learn and I was there to educate him.   I showed him different combinations of clothing that could transition from work to evening.  Seeing himself in the mirror he admitted his new wardrobe made a statement rather than just buying a jacket or a belt here and there.  Belts, shoes and socks were the finishing touches. Later he tried on several pair of eyeglasses. Updating them he looked hip and 15 years younger.   We went to a barber where they trimmed his locks, eyebrows and yes his ear and nose hairs.  I could tell he felt more confident.  He called me later and said his wife and friends gave him 2 thumbs up!



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