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July 28th, 2010

What’s your favorite time period of fashion?  1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s…. present day?  Blog it to me!

First person to respond on this blog will receive 2 free hours of my services (value of $150.00).

Personally I love the 40’s; the clothes have a romantic feel.  They dressed for the occasion and took pride in themselves.


This offer only available within a 30 mile radius of Austin, TX.

Even if you’re not in the Austin, TX area,  I’d love to hear to hear from you.


The Shopping Diet: Six Pieces, 31 Days

July 21st, 2010

Latest Diet Craze Not About What You Eat, But What You Wear

I was watching Good Morning America and this caught my eye.  I LOVE this idea!  It’s worth trying…even for 14 days.  I find when I go into women’s closets they are wearing the same outfits.  One person had 6 black skirts, but one was her favorite. I think this “diet” can show what you really need and what you really don’t have to have.  Let me know if you took the challenge and how you did.


Finnish Designer Marimekko

July 14th, 2010

In August 2008, 36 years after the two of us began writing in the 7th grade I was fortunate to meet my pen pal Tuula who lives in Jalasjarvi, Finland.  Tuula and her husband Timo graciously invited my husband Ted and I to stay in their home for 3 days. We were lucky enough to get acquainted with her family, her mother Martta, daughters Sanna-Reetta and Eeva-Kaisa and son Ville-Antti.  Sanna-Reetta would translate English to Finnish and vice-versa.  They showed us Finnish way of life, Finnish foods and the true sauna experience (steam until you are well-done followed by running and jumping into a body of ice cold water!)

Tuula took us shopping and pointed out fashion designers from Finland. One in particular was Marimekko.  Products are made from natural fibers of cotton, linen and wool.  The bold prints can be fun or chic.  Besides having clothes for men, women and children they offer  home furnishing products for bath, bedroom and kitchen.  They have retail stores throughout Finland, Sweden and Germany and one in New York.   Marimekko


Hose or Not to Hose

July 7th, 2010

Social World:

Wearing pantyhose is a matter of choice.  If you feel confident not wearing pantyhose-don’t.  If you feel apprehensive- do.

Work World, it depends on the type of company.  If a conservative company, wear them.  If the company is casual, leave them in the drawer.

Interviewing for a job? If you’re not sure…. wear them…. better to be safe.

What to keep in mind when wearing pantyhose?

-Sheer makes you look taller.

-Choose a color closest to your skin tone to make it look natural.  How do you know which color?  Put the sample stocking over your arm and match it to your skin tone.  The History of Pantyhose



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