Razzle-Dazzle Sale!!

June 30th, 2010

Let the fireworks begin!  Nordstroms,  both in-store and on-line are having a sale of up to 50% off.  Plus, when you make a purchase of $200 or more on-line shipping is free!  I love it!  Have a spectacular 4th of July!  Bonnie

Nordstrom Sale


Inspirational Makeover

June 24th, 2010

One of the best makeover stories I have is from a woman who is an inspiration to me as she should be to many people.

A colleague requested my services for a special lady she knew who had faced recent challenges regarding her health and  job.  She explained her friend had a brain tumor removed and laid off from her job of many years within weeks apart.

Still recovering one month after her surgery I met with this extraordinary lady.  Even with her speech being difficult she was determined of the direction she was going with her life and it was UP!  We discussed her challenges, goals, likes and dislikes.  She said she had worn the same hairdo for 20 years and it hurt to wear it up following surgery.

I told her I’d love to start with her hair…SILENCE…I told her I wasn’t going to make her do anything she didn’t want. It was only a consultation with a hair stylist. She could walk out of the chair at anytime.  It was up to her.  We met with the stylist to discuss her hair. In all honesty I wasn’t sure if she was going to leave or stay.  Finally, she said, “Let’s do it” The stylist cut her shoulder length hair (by the way she has gorgeous curly red hair) to chin length.  When the stylist was finished my client got off the chair, smiled and did a little dance (mind you she had surgery 1 month prior) and said she felt 20 pounds lighter both physically and mentally.

Later we met at her home to assess her wardrobe, make a list and go off shopping.

It’s pretty easy to see what someone likes and doesn’t just by their body gestures. Words don’t even have to come out of their mouth. I can see it and feel it!  After shopping we headed to the make-up counter for how-to tips.  We packed in a fantastical full day.

Later she called to thank me and told me how this experience motivated her to take a class in yoga and go country western dancing once again and taking steps to find a new career.  The door was ajar, I just opened it more.



June 15th, 2010

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE giving presentations!

I gave one to a group of 200 networking associates.  It was a general presentation for men and women.  After I finished I was approached with a diversity of questions.  One admitted how he’d been “stuck” in both his professional and personal life.  Another told me she felt and looked old and she really wasn’t.  She said; somewhere along the road it just happened.  I hear so many inspiring stories.  Individualism and creativity is what’s about.


Welcome to my new site!

June 12th, 2010

To be completely honest with you, just the “mirror” thought of expressing myself in this journal is a bit frightening! Letting going of my insecurities is easier said than done. So I’m here to bare my heart and soul!

The same can be said for anyone, men, women, graduates willing to admit they are stuck in their high school days garb or ready to head to their first job or next job or just want an update in their wardrobe. I’m here for all of the above as well as helping you organize your closet, showing you clothes that enhance you both inside and out, utilizing your accessories and clothes in more ways than one and wearing the best hairstyle for your face. My goal for my clients, as is my own goal, “bring out the real you”…what can be better? When you hire me, I promise to give you my honest opinion about improving yourself and what direction you should go and have fun along the way.

What will be included in my Wednesday weekly journal?

  • Fashion tips and news
  • Thumbs up and thumbs down fashion trends
  • Fashion sales and events
  • Quotes, stories or pictures that I believe say it all … in my eyes!

I look forward to any comments or questions you have!

On a personal note, I feel awesomely lucky to be surrounded by my incredible husband and two amazing children who have backed me, believed in me and encouraged me from day one. Thank you Ted, Kira and Eliot!

Welcome to my website and hop on my red carpet for an adventure we can all enjoy! Voila!
– Bonnie



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